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DJ Roger E

Dj Roger E blends the best music from all decades so you can have a night of fun and memories. I do both ordinary Dj'ing and videomixing at clubs and private parties.
Started up in '87 at the age of 17. Have been playing mostly at clubs in Oslo and Østfold, also as recidence in several clubs.

My style of music is blending all kind of music just having fun, enjoying myself and lift the roof skyhigh.

Some of the places i've played: Danseloftet (Moss) Madonna (Moss) Virgin (Residence Dj) (Moss) Chagall (Residence Dj) (Moss) Lucky (Residence Dj) (Moss) Barfot (Oslo) Fridays (Residence Dj) (Oslo) Galleriet (Oslo) Møllehausen (Residence Dj) (Moss) Cream (Residence Dj) (Moss) Jaxx (Moss) Cafe News (Moss) W.I.P (Askim) Jackson (Oslo) Spider (Askim) Kos (Askim) Tiger Tiger (Fredrikstad) Ocean Club (Fredikstad) Avenue (Bodø) Hydranten (Jessheim) Lille Melissa (Ørlandet) Jekyl & Hyde (Residence DJ) (Lillestrøm) Z-Club (Residence Dj) (Drammen) Clubbers Journey and many other places..... also as residence. kick offs, wedding, all kind of parties...........

and some of the dj´s/artist i have performed with: Dj Carl E Dj Subsonic Dj Loop Greg Ferguson (Ministry of Sound) Dj Andy Dj John Moss Dj Dee Deejay4joy Pacific Blue Miss Jarea Katatrofe ++++