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Mats Gulbrandsen

Mats Gulbrandsen (1989) is a Norwegian Producer/DJ based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and home to some of the biggest names in electronic dance music.

At the age of 12 Mats was already tweaking and tuning electronic beats. Now his sound is both professional and of high quality, and his music is found in the libraries of DJ’s all around the world, both as original tracks and remixes.

Mats embraces every moment he has in the studio, making sure his tracks are fresh and interesting. When performing he radiates his passion for music and the feeds the crowd with positive energy which keeps them going all night.

To date he has performed all around Norway, as well as some clubs in both Germany, Latvia, and Sweden. Some of the clubs he plays at are both well established and prestigious, like Cafe Opera (Stockholm/SE), Nox (Oslo/NO) and Z Club (Drammen/NO).